Pinterest Challenge: DIY State art

This was my inspiration piece from Pinterest.  It’s from an Etsy artist (her store is called Curiously Wrought, definitely check her stuff out).  I loved it and wanted to try it out myself.

Here is the link to my pin on Pinterest HERE.

Here are my supplies:

  • A board (not particle board), mine was about 12″x14″.  I was too lazy to cut it. Cost: FREE
  • 2 packages of wire nails (I used #17 x 1″ 1.75 nail head) COST: $2.60 (for both)
  • A picture hanger for the back of the board COST: $2.97
  • Crochet cotton (I used the “fine” kind).  Found in the yarn section of craft stores. COST: $1.49
  • Paint for the board.  I bought one of those tester kits and it was more than enough. COST: $2.94


Paint the board.  Give it plenty of time to dry.

I printed out my state outline and taped it on the painted board, but I should have just used it to draw a pencil outline on the board.  Nailing through the paper actually caused some problems for me–not recommended. Instead, put the paper outline on the board, use a metal/plastic blunt edge to trace around the state and create a small indentation in the wood to create your line.  **I’ve tried this, and it worked really well!**

Start nailing around your outline.  Keeping a tiny bit of space between the nail heads is preferable.

Draw a heart outline and add nails.

Remove the paper.  (This is where I ran into trouble, little bits of the paper stuck near the base of the nails–you can see it in the picture below–and I spent at least 15 minutes picking out the paper I could with tweezers)

Choose a starting point to weave the yarn and tie to the state outline.  Pull the yarn to the heart and then back to the state outline.  Continue around the state.

Add the hardware to hang your art to the back.  Measure to make sure it’s centered.


I’m linking up with Young House Love (one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs) for their Pinterest Challenge.  Check out their blog, you’ll be blown away.

I’m being featured on Daily Do It Yourself today, check the post out HERE.


30 responses

    • Hi Alyssa,

      It took me about an hour and a half to do the nailing, and a couple hours to do the yarn wrapping. Although, I did several patterns with the yarn before I ended up sticking with the original idea, so I bet the time would be shortened. I’m guessing about 3 hours total (minus the painting/drying time).

      Hope that helps!

  1. I have this pinned too! I bought stuff to make it last weekend but haven’t gotten to it yet. I have completely different materials to try it with though. Yours looks great, hope mine turns out alright since everything is different!

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    • I used the thin kind of crochet yarn (what people use to crochet doilys). I purchased it at Michaels (my nearest craft store), but you could get it at JoAnns, or really anywhere else that sells yarn– it should be in that same section. It’s much thinner than regular yarn. I’ve also seen people use thread. Hope that helps!

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  4. I want to do this for my sisters for their Christmas. I actually saw a girl working on one outside my dorm but I have no clue where to get the board from!

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