Basket weave paper art

This was my inspiration piece from Pinterest.


  • White computer paper (or other kind of paper)
  • Food coloring
  • Shredder, scissors, tape, and a frame

Here’s what you do:

1. Over the sink, drip different colors of food coloring around the page.  Wet the page enough to smear the colors around, but not too much water to turn it all brown.  Trust me, I did this several times.

2. Let it air dry.  I tried to dry mine with a hair dryer because I was impatient, and I ended up having to start again when all my colors bled into, yet again, a brown hue.  Just let it air dry overnight.

3. **Something to note: Because of the weaving pattern, you’re going to need twice amount of colored paper.  So if you’re looking to cover a large area, make sure you make two pages with the food coloring.

4. Run the sheet through a shredder.

5. Line up as many rows of strips as wide as you want your art.  Tape that line (at the top) to a table or a piece of paper.

6. Weave paper in from left to right through the rows you’ve taped.

7. When you’ve made it the length you want it, carefully move the tape on the top row from whatever you taped it to, to the inside of the matting of a frame & tape the bottom in place as well.

And you’re done!


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