Melted Crayon Canvas Art

I saw this and had to make it.

HERE is the link to it on Pinterest.


  • A glue gun that you can ruin (one that takes the larger size of glue sticks–not the mini ones). COST: $4.00
  • Crayons (with the paper peeled off) COST: $2.00 (I bought two boxes, I only needed one box, 64 count)
  • Canvas. COST: $15.00
  • Long, skinny ballpoint pen (like this one, but without the cap on)

TOTAL COST: $21.00

Here’s what you do:

1. Do this outside (or in a garage).  The melting point of crayons is much MUCH faster than that of glue sticks.  That being said, they splatter a little as you’re learning how it all works.

2. Sit in a chair with the canvas leaning back on your knees (like below).

3. Practice with the glue gun before you start on the canvas.  Use a similar color to whatever color you want to start with.

4. First, drop the crayon into the glue gun shaft, and then, holding the top of pen, “push” the crayon through the gun.  Then pull the pen back out. (Because the crayons are smaller than the glue sticks, they don’t activate the “trigger”, and the best way to get the crayon to come out of the gun is to push it through–like you’re loading a cannon).

5. Repeat across the canvas.  You can vary the angle of the canvas against your knees to get different patterns of drips.  The crayon comes out in an almost water-like consistency.

**Yellow was really difficult for me to achieve.  Once you start feeding the crayons through the gun they melt in there (and on the sides of the gun too), so the colors do naturally mix a little as you go.  You won’t need as many crayons as you think you will, but you will use several crayons as martyrs, as you’re trying to switch between colors).

Here’s how mine turned out

And here is a close-up of the texture that the dried crayons make on the canvas (one of my favorite parts!)

I’m linking up to Home Stories A2Z today.


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