Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains “high and wide” made such a huge impact on the rooms in my house.  It’s amazing what a small change like that can do to the space.  The ceilings feel taller and the space feels bigger somehow.  Here are just a couple pictures to show you the difference.


Hang them near the ceiling and to the outside of the window.  The distance out from the edge of the window depends on how full your curtains are; you want them to fall so that they cover the window frame, but don’t cover the actual window.  Hanging the curtains so they barely cover the actual window will make your window appear bigger and won’t block out the precious natural light.

One of each.  See the difference?

Both windows done.  Now, to get rid of that awkward space above the window but below the curtain rod, hang some bamboo roman shades in that space.  Then no one will ever know that your windows don’t go all the way to the ceiling.

And this may be my favorite drawn rendition that I’ve found online.


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