Make your own Gallery Wall

Everywhere you look online there are these amazing-looking gallery walls.  I knew I wanted to incorporate one into my house, but I just wasn’t sure where.  Then I realized that I had a large wall that was completely blank and I honestly had no idea what to do with it– the stairwell.

Here’s my inspiration picture from Pinterest… yes, more inspiration from YHL.

I purchased most of my frames at Goodwill or other thrift stores.  I watched for 50% or tag sales and got most of mine for $1 or less.  Then, I purchased some semi-gloss black spray paint from Home Depot and sprayed them to match.  I loved that I had all different kinds of frames, but that the color is what pulled them in as a whole– and made the wall less “haphazard” and more “on purpose”.

To hang them (I learned this trick from Young House Love), lay the frames on newspaper/ads and cut out to the same size.  Mark an arrow pointing in the direction that it needs to hang (if appropriate), and mark where the nail holes need to be on the newspaper too.

Then, all you have to do is hang the newspaper up, move things around until you’re happy with it, nail in your nails per the marks on the newspaper, and then play a long game of “which frame matches this one?”

TIP: Filling your frames before hanging would be easier– that way you can write a keyword on your newspaper outline so that hanging the frames later is less of a guessing game (if you have a lot of similarly sized frames).

And this is what mine looks like now.

I love it, partially because it allows me to display (and create) some great art, and also because it’s a fun thing to see each day.  Every day when I walk down the stairs I see something different.  I also love it because it was such an odd space that I had no idea what to do with.  I get more compliments about it than any other thing in my house– I think it’s a fun surprise as you come up the stairs.

NOTE: I hung A LOT of frames on that wall (yeah, I know, you can see them all), but I didn’t have enough art to fill them all yet.  The collection grows as I get inspired to make something, or find something I want to frame.  It’ll be an ever-changing collection of things that make me happy– or things that inspire me.

Here are a couple of the art projects that I’ve posted about that are up in my gallery wall.  Basket weave paper art, Yarn block stamp art,

What art have you been creating lately?


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