Striped paint on textured walls

I’ve been itching to paint some stripes in a room in my house for ages now.  I can’t believe it has taken me this long.

So last weekend I decided to finally get on it and make it happen.

I chose my downstairs bathroom– the bathroom that my guests always see.  It’s a pretty small room (and hard to photograph.  Sorry!), so I thought some horizontal stripes might also help to make the room feel a little wider.

What you’ll need:

  • Paint (choose colors that are in the same “color family” (white & tan) or completely different (white and navy) for different effects)
  • Painters tape– A LOT.  I used regular blue painters tape (without issues), mostly because I have issues with Frog Tape– it never sticks for me!
  • A long level
  • Pencil
  • Artists Brush
  • Regular 2″ brush & roller

What to do:

1. Paint your base coat over all the walls.  Let this paint dry completely (24-48 hours).

2. Measure the room from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling.  Mine was 90″

3. I’ve read that 12″ (or thereabouts) stripes are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  So, divide the length of your room (90) by 12″ to see what you get.  (90/12 = 7.5)  Round up or down to the nearest number.  I knew I wanted an odd amount of stripes because I wanted the white on the top and the bottom, so I went with 7 stripes.  Now, take the length of your room (90) and divide it by the number of stripes you want (7), (90/7 = 12.8).  Each of your stripes is going to be about 12.8″ thick.

4. Start at one edge of the room.  Measure your distance (12.8) from the baseboard, make a pencil mark.  Keep making marks all the way up the wall.

5. Then, take your long level and hold it against the wall by your mark.  Use the level around the room to draw lines about every 4-6″

6. Get out the tape and tape your lines.  Be careful when taping.  Your stripes will look a little disproportionate when the tape is up– that is because the tape is sitting in the base-coat-colored spots and not in the new stripe colors.  So the areas to be striped will look larger.

7. Use an unimportant gift card (it gets a little scratched) to rub the tape lines to make sure they’re down firmly.

8. Use a dabbing motion to paint the base coat against the edges to be painted with the stripe color.  This will form an edge to prevent some paint from seeping under the tape.  Let the paint dry completely.

9. Use a low-nap roller to roll the middle section of the stripes– don’t roll right up to the edges.

10.  Roll the edges with only a tiny bit of paint (about the time when you’re ready to roll more paint on your roller) by starting on the tape and dragging downward or upward into the stripe.  Don’t push the roller up into the tape or you’ll force paint under the tape.  Use the paint brush only for places the roller can’t reach.

11.  Pull the tape down immediately after the second stripe coat.

12. There will be a few places where the paint still seeped under the tape.  Use the artists brush to fix those.

It’s such a classy look.  And it really does make the room feel larger.

Have you been working on any bathroom improvements lately?


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