My Weekend Projects

It was a busy weekend for me, and while I don’t usually post everything I’m up to here on my blog (and reserve it instead for DIY tutorials), I thought I’d share some of the smaller weekend projects I was up to.  Just for kicks and giggles.

First off, I’m contemplating some serious landscaping changes in my front and backyard.  Consider this “Part 1” of 8,000,000 in my landscaping saga.  But, to liven up the walk to my front door (and to work on creating some symmetry, I planted some cheap-o baby boxwoods from Home Depot.  They’re almost too cute to handle.  Plus, digging out the weeds and planting something in that blank spot really changed the look of my front walk.

Also, while at Goodwill I found a great lamp and vase on sale.  Perfect pieces to take home and spray paint.  They make fantastic pops of color in the room.  I was too lazy to go back to the store to get spray paint primer, so I didn’t use any– it didn’t seem to make a difference.  Light, even, multiple coats is the key.

I’ve been looking for some glass canisters to set on my awesome new faux granite countertops, so I was ecstatic to find some. Also, while I was at Home Depot I finally picked up some succulents.  They make great greenery here and there.  Coupled with my new glass canisters they look amazing.  And dog food/treats have never looked quite so fancy before.  It’s a big step up from an old peanuts container I’ve been using for the last year and a half.

And my last project was tackling a room of my house to caulk.  On my list of quick, cheap transformations, caulk comes in #2 (Paint is #1)  Unfortunately it’s not quite a beauty shot, but it’s a small thing that I notice every day.  Of course I only had the energy to do the baseboards, door casements, and windows in one room before I completely ran out of steam.  Oh-well, one room at a time!


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