Keep a rug from slipping

I splurged and bought a fabulous rug for my kitchen.  I drooled over all the Dash & Albert rugs and then just caved.  Since my kitchen remodel turned out to be pretty inexpensive, I figured it all worked out.  The only problem was that every time I walked over it, it slid across the tile floor– not good.  Especially in a kitchen.

What you’ll need:

  • Rug pad
  • Double stick carpet tape

What to do:

1. Flip the rug over.

2. Lay the pad over the back.  Ideally you’d have 1-2″ between the edge of the rug and the pad, but my rug is a weird size, so I couldn’t find a rug pad in the right size.  So I improvised.

3. Lay the tape down on the pad.

4. Peel off the other side of the carpet tape backing.

5. Adhere to the back of the rug.  Since my rug pad wasn’t quite big enough, I cut some stripes to go around the border too.

Seriously, one of the easiest projects I’ve done so far.  And best of all, no movement at all since then.  No dramatic “after” picture, but it was well worth the effort.

Do you have any slipping rugs around your house you’ve yet to tackle?


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