Neon Spray-Painted Pots

I’ve been seeing a lot of neon lately on everything, including planter pots.  So I bought some cheap planters from IKEA (to the tune of $.54) and some neon spray paint from Home Depot.  I just love the pop of color!

What you’ll need:

  • Planter pots (mine are ceramic, but you could use terra cotta or something similar)
  • Spray primer (optional)
  • Spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • A plastic grocery bag

What to do:

1. Use the painters tape to tape a line around your pot where you don’t want the color.  Make sure that the tape is tight against the pot.

2. Put a plastic grocery bag around the base (or top) of the pot that you want to protect.  Use more painters tape to attach the bag to the already-existing painters tape line on your pot.

3. Use a primer first, then several light coats of spray paint.  Dripping spray paint is bad news.  Avoid that by using light coats, holding the can 12″ away from the pots, and using a back and forth motion.

4. Let the paint completely dry, then carefully peel off the plastic bag and then the line of tape on your pot.


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