House Tour: Dressing Room

My house was built in 1920.  By a man.  The closets in each room are tiny.  I’m not really a clotheshorse, but closet space is at a premium in my house, so I decided to turn the extra bedroom into a closet/dressing room.  It helped that the previous tenants had already put the bars and shelves up, so I had something to work with.

I’ve painted the walls, painted the trim, painted the shoe racks, caulked everything, made curtains, made an earring holder, fixed the built-in closet in the room, reupholstered the ottoman, installed a chandelier, and assembled some of my favorite things to sit on the dresser.  Walking into that room makes me smile– and at 7AM, I need little things to make me smile.

Source List:

  • Dresser & Mirror: IKEA
  • Curtain Fabric: IKEA
  • Mirrored Boxes: West Elm
  • Necklace Tree: Anthropologie
  • Shoe racks: Home Depot (painted black)
  • Baskets: IKEA
  • Glass beads (holding brushes): similar to THIS
  • Perfume tray: IKEA (for candles)
  • Small ring bowl: Fish Eddy (from my visit to NY)
  • Plant & Pot: IKEA
  • Chandelier: IKEA

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