Hiding cables & cords

This is my secret hiding place for cables, cords, and my power strip that serve my desk.  I hate the look of errant cords, so I needed a solution.  I came across this post on Young House Love and figured it was worth a try.  I already had some black IKEA boxes to try it out with.

This is a small shelf that I set up next to my desk; it holds the printer on top of it and hides my cable connection on the wall.

All I did was cut a nice size hole out of the back (you NEED to make sure that the hole is big enough to allow for proper cooling/venting), and fed the cords through that hole.  I love that all of my cords are now hidden.  And I’ve never had a reception issue with my modem being in the box either.

IMPORTANT:  I’ve been using the system for over a year now and I’ve never had an issue, but if you decide to try it out, make sure that you feel the box periodically for the first several days– you don’t want to start a fire.  My modem and power strip never even warm the cardboard box.


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