I spent a great deal of my childhood convinced that I wasn’t a creative person.  Apparently I just hadn’t found my medium.

I bought my house in the Fall of 2010; it had great bones, but no personality. I started making my changes by painting an accent wall in my bedroom.  And then I just never stopped.

I’m Megan, a 26 year old girl living in a house I love to call home.  I work full-time, so I blog on the side– you know, in all the free time I have not doing other projects!  I’m always working on something ’round here.

This is what I love.  Dreaming up changes, figuring out how to accomplish them, and getting them done.  I generally do an absurd amount of research before embarking on a new project (sometimes I’m referred to as an encyclopedia), but I refuse to let “hard” projects hold me back.  Everything is possible with a little bit of know-how, elbow grease, and a little paint for good measure.


Hang around.  I love having company around here.


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  1. HI Megan
    We are looking to use an image from your blog in our Skills Exploration course guide. Please contact me with your address and email so that I can forward this request directly to you.
    Shannon Sangster

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