Weatherstripping your front door

I absolutely love my front door.  But the fact is, it’s old.  And it sits in an old door frame– that has taken some abuse over the years.  Those crisp edges no longer exist, which means that weatherproofing my door is even more important.  The bonus is that it’s a relatively easy project.

See, here’s my problem:

My door frame is really uneven.  And not just in this one place, this is just an example.

What you’ll need:

  • Weatherstripping**
  • Screwdriver (depends on the type of weatherstripping)
  • Hacksaw (depends on the type of weatherstripping)

** Look at your door before you purchase.  The stick-on foam is a really popular option, but it doesn’t last very long, and my door jam is pretty tight, so after looking into my options, I chose weatherstripping that looks like this: (It screws into the outside of the door frame.)

What to do:

1. Measure, measure, and measure again the distance from the top of the door frame to the bottom (pick a side).  Then transfer that measurement to the weatherstripping and use the hacksaw to cut it to size.

2. I opened and closed my door several times to make sure that the seal was where I wanted it to be– the “bulb” should only be depressed a little bit when the door is fully closed (less than 30%) otherwise you’ll cause your weatherstripping to age faster (and need to be replaced sooner).  You do want to make sure that the bulb is sealing against the door though.  Then just use the provided screws to screw the piece in.  It looks like there is a gap in this picture, but I assure you that there isn’t one.

3. Once you get one long edge done, do the other side.

4. Do the top piece last.

And here’s my before and after: