Plastic Bag Holder

Okay, if you’re anything like me, you hate throwing plastic bags away (but you’re terrible at bringing your reusable bags to the grocery store!)  My collection of plastic bags was getting out of hand and I knew there had to be a cute solution to it.

So, I perused Pinterest (per usual) until I found an inspiration.

Check out Martha Stewart’s version— she’s so creative.  And, this is super cheap.  In fact, you might be able to make it from all things you already have.  Who doesn’t love “F-R-E-E”?!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • old dishtowel (I liked all mine, so I just bought a $1 from Goodwill)
  • strip of elastic
  • safety pin
  • sewing machine (super easy straight stitching only!)
  • a piece of fabric to make a hanger with (about 2×8″)

Here’s what to do:

1. Lay out your dishtowel with the nice side facing down.  Take one of the short ends of the dishtowel and fold it over– just enough to make a small pocket hole for the elastic. You can get all fancy and pin it first, or you can be lazy like me and just eyeball it while you’re sewing.

2. Attach the elastic to the safety pin and use the safety pin to thread the elastic through the pocket hole.  Once you get it all the way through, secure both ends of the elastic together on the safety pin until the end.

3.  You’re folding the dishtowel in half (long ways) now.  Just make sure that the wrong sides are facing out.  Sew another seam (following the seam lines) along the length of the towel.

4. Now, take the piece of fabric you’re going to hang your plastic bag holder with and fold it in half length-wise.  Sew a simple seam.  Then turn the hanger inside out so the rough ends of the fabric are inside the hanger.

5. With the plastic bag holder still inside out, sew one end of the hanger to one side of the top, and then the other side of the hanger to the other side of the top.

6. Tie a knot in the elastic.  You want a big enough hole to pull a bag out of, but not so big one will fall out on its own.  Hide any excess elastic by stuffing it in the pocket holes.

7. Now turn it right side out and you’re all done!

I got 35 bags in mine– and really, who needs more than 35 bags at any one time?  Feel free to toss the rest of your plastic bag stash without guilt!